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A Good Thing

I try, consciously, to count my blessings.  Just as after illness one values the feeling of good health, depression makes one very aware of its absence.  I will sometimes tell myself “I am happy!” to imprint the feeling, and the memory, on my mind, and simply to revel in the normalcy of it all.  

But like everyone, I forget, and I grumble, and I feel sorry for myself, and I get weighed down with stupid things.  My friend Ciara somehow has a positive genius for intuiting these moods: as often as not when I get blue, there will be a note, or a postcard, or a thoughtful small gift to remind me of how fortunate I am in life generally and in good friends like her in particular.  I don’t know if she’s psychic or simply so generous that some of her gestures can’t help but fall on a bad patch, but it’s pretty incredible.  I was feeling drained after a long today today and when I came home, I found something: a copy of Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries, which I’d mentioned only last week was a little steep in dollars for me to consider. I wasn’t hinting - I swear! - but I certainly am excited, and I can’t think of anything  better to curl up with.  As I walked upstairs, I found myself thinking of the opening lines of Keats’s “When I Have Fears” although instead of glean’ing my teeming brain it was all mixed up with some idea of not appreciating what I have. Okay, basically, it has nothing to do with the poem, but it did come into my head, and I did count my blessings, and I do know how lucky I am to have such deeply nourishing people in my life. 

(Above is the book, with my glass of wine and snack.*)

The book is indeed great, I can already tell — his usual graceful, unfussy prose and genuine love to simple food — and you can’t help but feel inspired to keep some kind of journal yourself. (Of course, unlike whatever fabulous green curry he’s throwing together, I’m likely to be eating straight tomato paste, or Cheerios.)  In that spirit, I’ll share what we had, although I worn you, it’s nothing fancy.  I had some bacon to use up, and since our eggs weren’t fresh enough to make for a good frisée salad or carbonara, I whipped up a concoction that I learned from El: shell pasts tossed with crisp bacon, peas, plenty of ricotta, and lots of parmesan.  It’s as good a quick pasta as I know. 

*In case you’re wondering what my “snack” is, it’s the little savory pastries from Black Hound on 2nd Avenue.  Nothing is nicer as a nibble with wine especially if you’re as cheap a drink as I and don’t like to drink on an empty stomach. 

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